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Maori and Polynesian: their origin, history and culture

In the Caucasian Migrations into Southern Asia — during the new stone age blondes appear

In the Caucasian Migrations into Southern Asia
during the new stone age blondes appear

(9) The neolithic migrations into Asia, many thousands of years ago, undoubtedly included many of the blonde type. On the southern route some of them might have come from North Africa; on the northern route they would be drawn from their original home, North Europe. On the coast of Syria the Amorites are said to have been of the red or blonde type. And though all Irania, which covers not only modern Persia, but Afghanistan and Beluchistan, had the round head of the European Alpine type as its primary stratum of population, this was overlaid at least in the east by a blonde type that spoke Aryan dialects, the cousins of English. Away on the slopes of the Hindu Kush and on the Pamir plateau the tall blonde is not uncommon, with ruddy cheeks, brown, blue, or grey eyes, and full beard of light, wavy or curly hair. And page 23down in the south-east of Asia, in Burmah and Indo-China and Southern China we again encounter people that have often the oval face and the regular European features, and not infrequently the fair skin, as, for example, the Kakhyens about the head-streams of the Irawadi, the Kiu-tse of Annam and the Man-tse of Southern China.

(10) It is this Southern Caucasian wave that, when it reached Indonesia, took to the sea again and carried its language and maritime habits to Madagascar, and down through the Malay Archipelago; it had probably absorbed much negroid blood before it was itself absorbed by the mongoloid wave that swept down the peninsula, and that became, with the new elements that modified it, the Malay.