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Maori and Polynesian: their origin, history and culture

II.Books Bearing on the General Questions and — Principles

II.Books Bearing on the General Questions and

Anderson, Story of Extinct Civilisations. Bancroft, Native Races of the Pacific States. Barth, Religions of India. Batchelor, The Ainu and their Folk Lore. Berghaus, Physicalischer Atlas. Bettany, The World's Religions. Chamberlain, The Child—A Study. Clemow, The Geography of Diseases. Clodd, The Story of Primitive Man. Crawley, The Mystic Rose. Dawson, Queen Charlotte Islands; the Haida Indians. De Candolle, Origin of Cultivated Plants. Deniker, Races of Man. page 299 Ferguson, History of Architecture. Figuier, Primitive Man. Gale, Korean Sketches. Geikie, Great Ice Age. Gomme, Village Community, Gordon Cumming, Cruise in a French Man-of-war. Griffith, History of Japan. Grimm, Teutonic Mythology. Haberlandt, Ethnology. Haddon, The Study of Man. Evolution in Art. Helmolt, World's History. Hesiod, Theogony. Hibbert Lectures, Lectures by Rhys, Reville, and Sayce. Hirsch, Handbuch der Historisch-geographischen Pathologie. Hoerne, Primitive Man. Hutchinson, Gregory, and Lydekker, Living Races of Mankind. Joly, Man before Metals. Kauffmann, Northern Mythology. Keana, Ethnology. Man, Past and Present. Klemm, Cultur-wissenschaft: Vol. II., Werkzeuge und Waffen. Letourneau, Evolution of Marriage. Property, its Origin and Development. Sociology. Lubbock, Origin of Civilisation. Mason, Origins of Invention. Maspero, Ancient Egypt and Assyria. Max Muller, Sacred Books of the East. Menzies, History of Religion. Munro, Prehistoric Problems. Oldenberg, Ancient India. Petrie, History of Egypt. Egyptian Decorative Art. Prescott, History of Mexico. History of Peru. Ratzel, History of Mankind. Réclus, Primitive Folk. Rendel, Cradle of the Aryans. Ripley, Races of Europe. Rivire, L'Age de la Pierre. Rydberg, Teutonic Mythology. Sayce, The Hittites. Assyria. Sergi, The Mediterranean Race. Spencer, Ceremonial Institutions. Descriptive Sociology. Ecclesiastical Institutions. Principles of Sociology. Political Institutions. page 300 Tacitus, Germania. Taylor, Origin of the Aryans. Topinard, Anthropology. Tylor, Anthropology. Early History of Mankind. Primitive Culture. Waitz, Ethnology. Wallon, Histoire de l'Esclavage. Westermarck, History of Human Marriage. Yarrow, Mortuary Customs among North American Indians.