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How Tonga Aids New Zealand

Tonga Chronicle Editorial

Tonga Chronicle Editorial

The important topic of discussion today is the fate of illegal visitors, Fijian and Tongan, to Australia and New Zealand respectively. The Australian and New Zealand authorities have gone so far as to deport some of these illegal visitors.

Various organisations in both countries have made futile attempts to gain a reprieve for these ‘lawbreakers’. The New Zealand press reported that the Captain of the cruise ship ‘Ocean Monarch’ refused berth for 15 Tongans who were to have been deported. It is understood that a charity organisation had approached the Captain not to take part in actions that would reflect unfavourably on New Zealand.

No word has yet been received on the situation of 1500 or so Tongans loose in Auck-
as they flee to avoid the Immigration Officials.

It has now been confirmed that the New Zealand High Commissioner in Apia has issued instructions that as from April 1, they will not accept any more applications for visas to visit New Zealand, for two months. On top of that, no further action will be taken on the 6000 applications already lodged with either the local authorities or the High Com-
's office in Apia.

The New Zealand Government has deemed the situation serious enough to take this drastic step and to put a stop to Tongan exploitation of New Zealand's soft-heartedness. All because some Tongans got ‘lost’ in the good life of New Zealand and were unaware that they were breaking the law.

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The Royal palace is built out of New Zealand kauri

The Royal palace is built out of New Zealand kauri

The repercussion is now felt by the 6000 who wanted to enjoy the pleasures of a foreign country. I feel that the mild rejection of the New Zealand Government's rulings by some of the humanitarian organisations are being used by us Tongans to undermine our own disregard for the laws of that country.

The actions and sympathy of these organisations are much appreciated but I still maintain that it is high time we in Tonga realise we cannot improve our economic instability by breaking the laws of another country.

That is all there is to it. By breaking the law, the opportunity is now denied to thousands of intending visitors to New Zealand.

‘Do unto others what you would unto yourself.’