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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885


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After the publication of the first volume of "White Wings," the late Sir Henry Brett received so many enquiries concerning vessels that he had not referred to, that he felt compelled to delve still further into the records of the past, and deal as comprehensively as possible with the sailing ships up to the year 1885, which was about the time that people forsook sail for steam when voyaging to and from the colonies.

With characteristic keenness, Sir Henry went into the matter enthusiastically, and the result is a very complete record of the old sailing ship days. When gathering particulars about the very early ships, he was struck by the fact that hitherto the shipping history of the founding of the provinces of New Zealand had never been dealt with in a comprehensive way. This accounts for the first part of the present volume. In the second part, some outstanding voyages are dealt with; and in the third part will be found a list of all other sailing ships bringing passengers to New Zealand up to 1885—that is to say, all those ships not otherwise dealt with in this volume or in the first volume. Naturally, owing to the nature of the matter it has been difficult to classify, but a full index of ships at the end will enable the reader to find any vessel he wishes.

In gathering his information, Sir Henry was indebted to some indefatigable correspondents, notably Mr. williams: Horace Fildes, of Wellington, Mr. P. O. Wheatley, of Dunedin, Mr. Russell Duncan, of Napier, and to others.

Unfortunately, before the book was ready Sir Henry passed away, and his many readers will join with his friends in regretting that he did not live to see the issue of the second volume of a work that makes a unique record of a picturesque period of New Zealand's history.