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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Norval, 1247 tons, Captain Halliday, sailed October 6th, 1878, arrived January 2nd. Passengers, 48.

page 253

Easterhill, 890 tons, Captain D. Evans, sailed November. 1st, 1878, arrived February 8th. Passengers, 28. Master refused furnish any report. This barque, launched at Dundee in 1878, was on her maiden voyage.

Rialto, 1166 tons, Captain Williamson, sailed November 26th, 1878, arrived March 4th. Passengers, 25.

Peter Stuart, 1447 tons, Captain Vanstone, sailed December 29th, 1878, arrived March 24th. Passengers, 25.

East Lothian, 1389 tons, Captain Barr, sailed from London January 9th, arrived April 8th. Smart passage, 89 days port to port.

Dunnottar Castle, 1702 tons, Captain Hinks, sailed January 29th, arrived May 9th. Passengers, 30.

Millwall, 1165 tons, Captain Weir, sailed February 26th, arrived June 26th. Passengers, 22.

Rousenbech, 930 tons, Captain Steet, sailed March 28th, arrived June 29th. Passengers, 27.

Cape Clear, 852 tons, Captain Tupinan, sailed April 10th, arrived July 16th. Passengers, 38.

Cockermouth, 1296 tons, Captain Parker, sailed April 26th, arrived August 6th. Passengers, 41.

Blair Drummond, 1450 tons, Captain Guthrie, sailed May 24th, arrived August 25th. Passengers, 51.

Lizzie Bell, 1036 Tons, Captain Moignard, sailed July 10th, arrived October 15th. Passengers, 40.