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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Bernicia, 548 tons, Captain Arnold, sailed July 7th. Landed passengers at New Plymouth, Nelson and Wellington, and brought on 60 for Dunedin. Arrived December 12th, 1849.

Ajax, 767 tons, Captain J. Young, sailed September 8th, 1848, arrived January 8th with 186 passengers. The ship, after discharging and landing a portion of her passengers, sailed for Wellington and Nelson, arriving at the latter port on March 9th. The Ajax was wrecked at Anjer when on a voyage from Manilla to London, March 12th, 1850.

Mary, 533 tons, Captain T. Grant, sailed November 2nd, 1848, landed passengers at Northern ports, and arrived on April 11th with 70 passengers.

Larkins, 770 tons, Captain Burton, sailed June 6th, arrived September 11th. Passengers, 220.

Cornwall, 559 tons, Captain W. Dawson, sailed April 20th, arrived via, Northern ports September 23rd. Passengers, 70.

Pekin, 562 tons, Captain G. Whitby, sailed August 6th, arrived December 5th. Passengers, 116.

Mooltan, 560 tons, Captain W. Chivas, sailed September 12th, arrived December 26th. Passengers, 120. Cholera broke out on board September 21st, and continued until October 15th. Out of 20 cases, 9 died.