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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885


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Castle Eden, 930 tons, Captain Thornhill, sailed from Plymouth 3rd October, 1850, arrived 14th February, with 204 passengers, including Dr. Jackson, Bishop designate of Lyttelton, with wife and family. The ship encountered heavy weather and was compelled to return to the Sound, from which she finally sailed on the 18th.

Isabella Hercus, 618 tons, Captain Halstone, sailed 24th October, 1850, arrived 1st March. Passengers, 148.

Duke of Bronte, 500 tons, Captain Barclay, sailed 10th January, arrived 5th June.

Steadfast, Captain Spencer, sailed 27th February, arrived 8th June.

Travancore, 562 tons, Captain Brown, sailed from London 6th December, 1850, arrived 31st March.

Labuan, sailed from London 8th April, arrived 14th August. Passengers, 137.

Dominion, 547 tons, sailed 8th May, arrived 30th August.

Bangalore, sailed 9th May, arrived 21st August.

Lady Nugent, 668 tons, Captain Parsons, sailed 30th May, arrived 18th September.

Canterbury, 970 tons, Captain Edwards, arrived 19th August. This ship was christened by Lady Lyttelton a month before she sailed. The ceremony took place after a public breakfast given at the East India Docks to the first portion of the main body of the Canterbury settlers.

Duke of Portland, 533 tons, Captain Cubitt, sailed from Portsmouth 19th June, arrived 26th September. Passengers, 151.

Midlothian, 530 tons, Captain Gibson, sailed from the Downs 22nd June, arrived 8th October. Passengers, 128.

Sir George Pollock, 630 tons, Captain Withers, sailed 17th July, arrived 10th November, with 145 passengers, including Mr. Felix Wakefield and family.


William Hyde, 532 tons, Captain Applewaite, sailed 21st October, 1851, arrived 5th January.

Cornwall, 580 tons, Captain Davidson, sailed 12th August, arrived 10th December.

Samarang, 582 tons, Captain Escott, sailed 26th March, arrived 31st July. Passengers, 120.

Duke of Portland, 533 tons, Captain Alexander, sailed 20th June, arrived 21st October.

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Minerva, 830 tons, Captain Johnston, sailed from Plymouth 12th October, 1852, arrived 2nd February.

Hampshire, 627 tons, Captain Reynall, sailed 10th December, 1852, arrived 6th May.

Gwalior, Captain Davidson, via Auckland, arrived April. Captain Davidson threw himself overboard on 16th April. Barque hove to and all efforts made to save him failed. Mr. Taylor, chief officer, took command and brought the ship into port. This vessel was 200 days making the voyage to Auckland, and the unfortunate Captain underwent considerable mental anxiety which he endeavoured to alleviate by resorting to stimulants.

John Taylor, 800 tons, Captain Cawkitt, sailed 10th July, arrived 18th October. Passengers, 140.


Duke of Portland, 533 tons, Captain Seymour, arrived 27th March, via Wellington.

Balnagileth, 461 tons, Captain A. Smith, arrived 22nd April. This vessel was bound for Auckland, but owing to ship's stores running out, the Captain was forced to make for Lyttelton.


Royal Stuart, Captain Tadman, sailed 9th October, 1854, arrived 4th January.

Caroline Agnes, 580 tons, Captain Ferguson, sailed 19th April, arrived 16th August. Passengers, 187. Among the passengers was Mr. William Taylor, who was responsible for great pioneering work in Christchurch, which, when Taylor arrived, was only a flax swamp with a few scattered tents.

Southern Cross, 70 tons, topsail schooner, Captain Susten, built especially for Bishop Selwyn, sailed 28th March, arrived 20th July—112 days.


Isabella Hercus, 618 tons, Captain Sewell, sailed 13th September, 1855, arrived 5th January.

Sir Edward Paget, 482 tons, Captain Wycherley, sailed 21st February, arrived 2nd July.


Philip Laing, 500 tons, Captain Cadenhead, arrived 13th February.

Solent, 732 tons, Captain Brooks, from London, via Auckland, arrived 8th September.

Cornubia, 459 tons, Captain Ellison, from London, via Auckland, arrived 14th October.

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Westminster, 731 tons, Captain Westgarth, from London, arrived 9th January. A fine run of 88 days. Passengers, 107.

Ashburton, 589 tons, Captain King, from London, via Wellington, arrived 15th January.

Rockhampton, 469 tons, Captain Chandler, via the Cape of Good Hope, arrived 7th March. Passengers, 108.

Hastings, 597 tons, Captain Carew, from London, via Wellington, arrived 20th March.

Nourmahal, 846 tons, Captain Brayley, sailed from London 6th February, via Otago, arrived 16th June.

Indiana, Captain McKirdy, arrived 20th November. Passengers, 120.


Strathallan, 551 tons, Captain Williamson, from London, via Timaru, arrived 21st January, making the passage in 90 days. Passengers, 259. One half landed at Timaru.

Victory, 579 tons, Captain Stevens, arrived 14th May. Passengers, 174.

Cresswell, 570 tons, Captain Barnet, arrived 12th September, 103 days from London. Passengers, 161. Five deaths during the voyage.

Minerva, 874 tons, Captain Merryman, from London, via Wellington, arrived 16th August.

Catherine Pemberton, 319 tons, Captain Harris, sailed 24th June, arrived 26th October.

Valisneria, 243 tons, Captain Webb, from London, via Mauritius, arrived 13th November. The vessel encountered severe storms and was compelled to put into Mauritius for repairs. The voyage occupied six months.

Regina, Captain Thornton, sailed 2nd September, arrived 4th December. Passengers, 283.


Roman Emperor, 739 tons, Captain Dewar, sailed 1st October, 1859, arrived 27th January. Passengers, 213.

John Lawson, barque, Captain Bell, sailed 30th October, 1859, arrived 8th February.

Ambrosine, 437 tons, Captain Parsons, sailed 29th October, 1859, arrived 15th February. This barque sailed from London two days after the wreck of the Royal Charter, and met with terrific gales in the Channel. Shipping generally suffered severe damage during these gales. The barque sailed finally from Ushant on. 9th November, and made a run of 29 days to the Equator. Captain Parsons reported heavy gales throughout the voyage.

Persia, Captain Smith, sailed 1st May, arrived 17th September, after a rough passage of 139 days.

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Gananoque, 785 tons, Captain Norris, sailed 14th February, arrived 9th May. Crossed the Line in 21 days and arrived in port 85 days from the Docks, landing 215 passengers.

Harwood, Captain Forsayth, sailed 2nd September, arrived 14th December.


Minerva, 827 tons, Captain Merryman, sailed 17th November, 1860, arrived 27th February.

Sebastopol, 992 tons, Captain Frazer, sailed 6th September, arrived 14th December.


Royal Stuart, 761 tons, Captain Cornwall, sailed 3rd July, arrived 8th October. One of Willis, Gann and Co.'s line. Passengers, 190.

Kensington, Captain King, sailed 6th February, arrived 18th July, after a long voyage of 162 days. Put into Cape of Good Hope.

Mersey, 1226 tons, Captain D. Smith, sailed 1st June, arrived 25th September. Passengers, 271.


Roman Emperor, 720 tons, Captain King, sailed from Plymouth 22nd December, 1862, arrived 30th March. Passengers, 103, including 20 for Auckland.

Huntress, 776 tons, Captain Barrow, arrived 21st April. Experienced very heavy weather in the Channel and only reached the Line after a very long interval of 60 days. She was to have called at Timaru to land passengers, but owing to a heavy gale blowing in from the sea, Captain Barrow carried the passengers on to Lyttelton. Passengers, 313.

Sebastopol, 993 tons, Captain Taylor, sailed 17th January, arrived 21st May. Passengers, 235.

Metropolis, 1082 tons, Captain Kennery, sailed 7th March, arrived 16th June. Passengers, 160.

Epsom, 548 tons, Captain Vaux, arrived 10th August. Passengers, 23.

Kirkland, 453 tons, Captain College, from London, arrived 18th August.

Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Captain Gilbert, sailed 13th June, arrived 12th September.

Holyrood, 501 tons, Captain H. Deane, via Hobart, arrived 14th September, after a lengthy and tedious voyage of seven to eight months.

Bahia, Captain Le Fann, sailed 26th July, arrived 7th December.

Zambesi, 1089 tons, Captain McNeil, arrived 20th September. Passengers, 80.

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David Fleming, 1467 tons, Captain Cruickshank, arrived 9th. December, making the passage in 100 days from London Docks. She brought 12 cabin passengers and 300 immigrants. Three deaths occurred during the voyage, and one seaman was drowned.


Tiptree, 1650 tons, Captain Davis, sailed 20th October, 1863, arrived 20th January. Passengers, 30 saloon and 344 immigrants. The passage land to land was made in 76 days.

Lady Douglas, ship, 564 tons, Captain Evans, sailed 24th November, 1863, arrived 29th February. First direct ship from the Clyde.

Balaklava, 621 tons, Captain Stewart, sailed 6th November, 1863, arrived 29th February. Passengers, 13 cabin, and 45 steerage.

Golden Sunset, 1000 tons, Captain Tidmarsh, sailed from Portsmouth 19th February, arrived 30th May. Passengers, 20. This vessel was one of the White Star liners only recently built.

Amoor, from London, arrived 2nd July, making the passage in 86 days. Passengers, 13 saloon, and 160 Government immigrants.

Mirage, 718 tons, Captain J. Campbell, arrived 5th September. Passengers, 36.

Bellissima, 431 tons, Captain Ritchie, from London, arrived 1st November, after a tedious passage of 125 days, bringing 12 saloon, and a number of steerage passengers.

W. H. Haselden, 896 tons, Captain John Rose, sailed from London 5th August, arrived 15th December. She was a new ship on her maiden voyage. Owing to a succession of head winds down Channel and a series of light winds and calms after parting with the pilot to making the New Zealand coast on 9th December, the voyage occupied 135 days. Captain Rose reported that during the whole voyage he had never occasion to take in the royals. Passengers, 46.


Eastern Empire, 1763 tons, Captain Ferguson, from London, arrived 4th January, after a tedious passage of 132 days. Passengers, 323.

Rachael, 676 tons, Captain Brodie, sailed 3rd December, 1864, arrived 26th March. Passengers, 21.

Greyhound, 1410 tons, Captain J. S. Wright, sailed 22nd January, arrived 7th May, with 25 saloon passengers and 225 immigrants. On the previous voyage the Greyhound ran to Melbourne in 78 days.

Tudor, 1785 tons, Captain F. Wherland, sailed 10th June, arrived 23rd September. Passengers, 20 saloon.

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Cissy, 649 tons, Captain T. Spencer, sailed from the Downs 1st December, 1865, arrived 24th March. Captain Spencer had previously visited Lyttelton as an officer on the Cissy when the early settlers arrived in 1850. Passengers, 12 saloon and 21 fore-cabin.

Sir Ralph Abercrombie, 744 tons, Captain J. Anderson, sailed from the Downs 15th June, arrived 4th September. Experienced several severe gales till 30th August, on which day she passed the Snares.

Leichardt, 621 tons, Captain T. E. Philips, sailed from Start Point 17th August, arrived 23rd November. 21 saloon and second-class passengers.


Canute, Captain Quain, sailed 9th December, arrived 7th April. Passengers, 38.

Paria, barque, Captain Nicol, sailed 8th January, arrived 30th April. The barque had an eventful voyage of 110 days from London Docks. A week after sailing she encountered a teriffic gale, during which the ship rolled heavily, straining very much and shipping tremendous seas. A portion of her bulwarks was cut away to allow the water to escape. The gale continued for two days and on the 17th a quarter-boat was carried away with about 150 feet of top booting. After passing the Cape another heavy gale was experienced for two days with heavy snow showers. Again on 3rd April she encountered another furious gale, during which, heavy seas swept into the cabins and down the steerage hatch, doing serious damage to the passengers' luggage. On 4th April a very large iceberg from 7 to 8 miles in length was passed; also several small ones, and on 14th April to the 19th sighted several large icebergs and passed through a quantity of ice. On 26th April Stewart Island was sighted, thence the ship carried light S.W. winds to port. The Paria fortunately had only 23 passengers on board.

Lincoln, 995 tons, Captain Leamon, sailed from the Downs 2nd February, arrived 19th June. Owing to heavy gales experienced in the Channel, during which considerable damage was done by heavy seas breaking on board, flooding the 'tween decks with water, the vessel returned to the Downs. The damage being repaired she sailed again on 14th February. After passing the Cape heavy gales were encountered until off Tasmania on 27th April. At this part of her voyage the whole of her best sails were split and many carried away, and the poop ladders washed overboard. The ship was hove-to on two occasions during the storms, and it was found necessary to batten down the 75 immigrants on board.

Red Rover, 1041 tons, Captain D. McCauley, sailed from the Downs 18th May, arrived 29th August. During the voyage two of the seamen were washed overboard during a heavy gale and were drowned. Passengers, 34 saloon.

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Melita, 800 tons, Captain Grant, sailed from London 23rd July, arrived 8th November, with 18 saloon and a number of steerage passengers.


Gainsborough, 900 tons, Captain Charlton, sailed from London 25th January, arrived 2nd May. On the 30th January encountered a strong gale and was compelled to put into Plymouth, which she left on 8th February. From 10th April to end of voyage heavy gales were experienced. The ship in one instance covered 300 miles in 24 hours. The Gainsborough brought 96 Government immigrants.

Coleroon, 760 tons, Captain E. Montgomery, sailed from Gravesend 27th March, arrived 11th July. The vessel met with a succession of heavy gales before and after passing the Cape. On 3rd June she shipped a heavy sea, when large quantities of water poured down the after hatchway. Men were employed for many hours bailing it out from the cabins. The Coleroon brought out 20 first and second class passengers.


Caroline Coventry, 880 tons, Captain Ollery, sailed 25th February, arrived 8th June, after a stormy passage of 129 days. Passengers, 68.


Siberia, 1301 tons, Captain Inglis, sailed 20th November, 1869, arrived 21st February, making the passage in 81 days land to land. Passengers, 16 saloon and 157 immigrants.

Ceres, 861 tons, Captain Cochrane, sailed from the Downs on 4th March, arrived 19th June. From 29th May to 3rd June experienced a succession of heavy gales and snow storms, and from 7th to 10th June more severe gales, the ship being hove-to for 24 hours and the hatches battened down; heavy seas swept the decks and carried away the starboard bulwarks. The Ceres brought a number of saloon passengers but no immigrants.


Norma, 1050 tons, Captain J. Scuru, sailed 18th February, arrived 27th May. Passengers, 37 saloon and second class, many of whom were old colonists returning from a visit to the Homeland.

Harvest Home, 547 tons, Captain Trewyn, sailed from the Downs 11th October and Lands End 13th, arrived 30th December, making a rapid passage of 76 days from Start Point to Anchorage. She brought a number of passengers, including several old colonists, but no immigrants.


Friedelburg, 786 tons, Captain E. Kopper, sailed from Hamburg, arrived 31st August, with a total of 297 Government immigrants.

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Whitehall, 936 tons, Captain Raddon, sailed 16th June, arrived 26th September, with cabin passengers only.


Isles of the South, 821 tons, Captain J. D. Le Conteur, sailed from Plymouth 6th November, arrived 2nd February. This was the seventh vessel sent out under the auspices of the New Zealand Shipping Company. She brought 8 saloon and 320 Government immigrants, and made the run from the Cape in 28 days.

Appelles, 1030 tons, Captain McLay, sailed 27th January, 1874, arrived 5th May. Passengers, 320.

Varona, 1314 tons, Captain Rowe, sailed from Glasgow 6th February, arrived 27th May, with 322 immigrants. The Varona encountered a severe gale in the Bay of Biscay, during which several chain plates were broken and chains had to be passed under her to secure her masts, remaining round her more or less during the voyage; this retarded her passage. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Ballochmyle, 1438 tons, Captain Lunden, sailed from Gravesend 25th February, arrived 1st June. The Ballochmyle called at Plymouth and embarked 502 passengers. Took her final departure from Start Point 4th March. There were five deaths and three births during the voyage. The Ballochmyle was sent out by the New Zealand Shipping Company, and made the passage from Plymouth to the Snares in 84 days.

Stonehouse, Captain O'Bley, sailed from London, arrived 29th June, with immigrants. The vessel took her final departure from Start Point on 10th April. (Shaw Savill.)

Peeress, ship, 780 tons, Captain Miller, sailed from London 29th March, arrived 23rd July, bringing 280 immigrants.

St. Lawrence, 1094 tons, Captain Johnston, R.N.R., sailed 19th May, arrived 29th August, bringing 412 immigrants. This ship was chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company and arrived on the same day as the Cathcart. A vast difference of the build of this vessel and the Cathcart was quite apparent when they dropped anchor, the former being a modern clipper and the latter one of the old freight built ships used in bye-gone days for the conveyance of troops. The bulwarks were nine feet high. The immigrants came out in charge of Mrs. McPherson; the surgeon-superintendent being Dr. Pattison.


Cicero, 1130 tons, Captain Raymond, sailed 1st February, arrived 18th May, with 9 saloon, 10 second cabin, and 227 Government immigrants. With the exception of one gale whichpage 243 lasted for 24 hours, the Cicero enjoyed an exceptionally fine weather passage.

Oriana, 997 tons, Captain Guthrie, sailed 29th March, arrived 24th July, with 33 saloon and second class passengers, and 11 Government immigrants. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Tintern Abbey, 1346 tons, Captain P. B. Stevens, sailed 7th January, arrived 3rd May, with 309 Government immigrants. During the voyage there were 18 deaths, mainly children of tender years. The ship brought out for the Acclimatisation Society (in charge of Mr. Henry Bills) 100 each, partridges, blackbirds, starlings, thrushes, red-polls, and linnets. Also 110 goldfinches and 160 yellow-hammers. Of the number shipped over 80 per cent. were landed. On 14th January, in the Bay of Biscay, when the ship was rolling fearfully during a heavy gale, she was struck by a heavy sea which rushed down the single women's compartment, surgery and hospital; and during a heavy roll at the time the starboard life-boat was washed away. (Shaw, Savill.)

Star Of China, 797 tons, Captain Blaker, sailed 19th April, arrived 2nd August, from Plymouth, with 260 Government immigrants.

Lactura, 1380 tons, Captain Tucker, sailed 2nd June, arrived 27th September. Although a new ship the Lactura made a long passage of 116 days owing mainly to the numerous gales encountered. The most severe were those met with after crossing the meridian of Greenwich on 9th August, when troubles began in right earnest. On the 18th August a heavy sea struck the ship, flooding the decks fore and aft, and carrying everything moveable overboard. On the 25th the vessel was hove-to during a heavy gale. A huge sea struck her, coming over the forecastle right aft, smashing the foreward part of the saloon skylight and flooding the saloon. The ship was labouring and rolling very heavily and a portion of the starboard bulwarks were washed away. After sighting Amsterdam Island on 31st August, the vessel was twice hove-to through stress of weather. (Shaw, Savill.)


Desdemona, 1490 tons, Captain Fowill, sailed from the Downs 20th February, and Start Point 25th, arrived 6th June, with 33 saloon and second class passengers.

Woosung, 729 tons, Captain Fisher, sailed from the Downs 14th April, arrived 10th August.

Border Chief, 1011 tons, Captain Leslie, sailed 7th June, arrived 11th September. This ship was chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company and landed 30 passengers. The passage land to land was made in 88 days.

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Hopeful, 332 tons, Captain Tuly, arrived 17th February. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Warwickshire, 679 tons, Captain Harry, sailed 21st November, 1876, arrived 28th February. (Shaw, Savill.)

Primrose, 596 tons, Captain W. Shirwen, sailed 28th February, arrived 20th June, with saloon and second cabin passengers only. The Primrose was a comparatively new ship, this being her second voyage. She was commanded by her owner.


Laju, 560 tons, Captain McWhirter, sailed 24th September, 1877, arrived 5th January. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Duke of Argyle, 963 tons, Captain Davidson, sailed from Gravesend 22nd February, arrived 9th June. Chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company; she landed 24 saloon and steerage passengers.

Olive, 847 tons, Captain McCracken, sailed from London 21st April, arrived 7th August. The long passage was attributed to very unfavourable weather when running down her easting. She brought a number of saloon and steerage passengers.

Malacca, 593 tons, Captain Dickinson, sailed from London 2nd January, arrived 6th April. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Mallowdale, 1289 tons, Captain Dornan, sailed 4th September, arrived 13th December, with 37 saloon and second class passengers.


Orthes, 1206 tons, Captain Macfarlane, sailed 23rd November, 1878, arrived 16th February. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Cape Finisterre, 882 tons, Captain Robertson, sailed 2nd December, arrived 31st March, with 23 saloon and second class passengers.

Red Gauntlet, 1072 tons, Captain Bowie, sailed 16th February, arrived 17th June. This ship made a long voyage of 132 days from Gravesend; she was detained in Portland Roads for five days landing the chief officer and some of the crew owing to sickness. Proceeded on her voyage on 16th February bringing a small number of saloon and steerage passengers. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Adelaide, 683 tons, Captain Raeburn, sailed 20th March, arrived 10th July. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Hawarden Castle, 1101 tons, Captain Matthews, sailed 4th April, arrived 17th July. Passengers, 44. (Shaw. Savill.)

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Southesk, 1154 tons, Captain Nicholl, sailed 27th September, arrived 28th December. (Shaw, Savill.)


Aethelred, 1057 tons, Captain Dunn, sailed from Gravesend 20th March, arrived 16th June, making the passage in 82 days land to land.

West Riding, 913 tons, Captain Thomas, sailed 27th August, arrived 13th December.

Firth of Lorne, 837 tons, Captain Stevens, sailed 6th November, 1879, arrived 19th March.


Remington, 999 tons, Captain Carr, sailed 13th February, arrived 25th May.

Routenbeck, 930 tons, Captain Stitt, sailed 26th May, arrived 23rd August.

Norman Mcleod, 834 tons, Captain Ure, sailed 14th July, arrived 24th October.


Sydenham, 1063 tons, Captain Miller, sailed 29th October, 1881, arrived 30th January.

Helen Scott, 1118 tons, Captain Goldsworthy, sailed 19th August, 1881, arrived 5th January. This ship collided with H.M.s. Tawar at St. Vincent and suffered some damage.

City of Naukia, 986 tons, Captain McConnell, sailed 9th June, arrived 9th September. Chartered by Shaw, Savill Company.

Horsa, 1128 tons, Captain Wilson, sailed 7th September, arrived 12th December.


Centurion, 1194 tons, Captain Widdicomb, sailed 29th September, 1882, arrived 5th January.

Rokeby Hall, 1004 tons, Captain Barry, sailed 17th December, 1882, arrived 23rd April. On 10th January a heavy squall struck the ship carrying away lower maintopsail yard and blowing sails to ribbons. A flash of lightning struck the mainmast, splitting the maintruck, which fell to the deck.

Dunscore, 1000 tons, Captain Hind, sailed 4th March, arrived 27th May.

Dragon, 696 tons, Captain Petherbridge, sailed from Plymouth 23rd May, arrived 12th August.

Kingdom of Sweden, 788 tons, Captain Cooper, sailed 10th November, 1882, arrived 12th February.

Auriga, 518 tons, Captain Stone, sailed 30th November, 1882, arrived 29th February.

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Dragon, 696 tons, Captain Milner, sailed 27th February, arrived 2nd June.

Cingalese, 698 tons, Captain Raddon, sailed 14th June, arrived 7th October.

Claremont, 755 tons, Captain McDonald, sailed 4th April, arrived 13th July.

Brenhilda, 1393 tons, Captain Johnstone, sailed from London, Via Auckland, arrived, at that port 24th February after a smart passage of 88 days.


Allegiance, 1180 tons, Captain Roberts, sailed 25th March, arrived 23rd June.

Dragon, 696 tons, Captain Milner, sailed 6th July, arrived 20th October. On 1st October a heavy sea struck the ship breaking over the poop and washing away the man at the wheel. The cabin doors were stove in and a large portion of the port topgallant bulwarks carried away.