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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Isles of the South, 821 tons, Captain J. D. Le Conteur, sailed from Plymouth 6th November, arrived 2nd February. This was the seventh vessel sent out under the auspices of the New Zealand Shipping Company. She brought 8 saloon and 320 Government immigrants, and made the run from the Cape in 28 days.

Appelles, 1030 tons, Captain McLay, sailed 27th January, 1874, arrived 5th May. Passengers, 320.

Varona, 1314 tons, Captain Rowe, sailed from Glasgow 6th February, arrived 27th May, with 322 immigrants. The Varona encountered a severe gale in the Bay of Biscay, during which several chain plates were broken and chains had to be passed under her to secure her masts, remaining round her more or less during the voyage; this retarded her passage. (New Zealand Shipping Company.)

Ballochmyle, 1438 tons, Captain Lunden, sailed from Gravesend 25th February, arrived 1st June. The Ballochmyle called at Plymouth and embarked 502 passengers. Took her final departure from Start Point 4th March. There were five deaths and three births during the voyage. The Ballochmyle was sent out by the New Zealand Shipping Company, and made the passage from Plymouth to the Snares in 84 days.

Stonehouse, Captain O'Bley, sailed from London, arrived 29th June, with immigrants. The vessel took her final departure from Start Point on 10th April. (Shaw Savill.)

Peeress, ship, 780 tons, Captain Miller, sailed from London 29th March, arrived 23rd July, bringing 280 immigrants.

St. Lawrence, 1094 tons, Captain Johnston, R.N.R., sailed 19th May, arrived 29th August, bringing 412 immigrants. This ship was chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company and arrived on the same day as the Cathcart. A vast difference of the build of this vessel and the Cathcart was quite apparent when they dropped anchor, the former being a modern clipper and the latter one of the old freight built ships used in bye-gone days for the conveyance of troops. The bulwarks were nine feet high. The immigrants came out in charge of Mrs. McPherson; the surgeon-superintendent being Dr. Pattison.