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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Canute, Captain Quain, sailed 9th December, arrived 7th April. Passengers, 38.

Paria, barque, Captain Nicol, sailed 8th January, arrived 30th April. The barque had an eventful voyage of 110 days from London Docks. A week after sailing she encountered a teriffic gale, during which the ship rolled heavily, straining very much and shipping tremendous seas. A portion of her bulwarks was cut away to allow the water to escape. The gale continued for two days and on the 17th a quarter-boat was carried away with about 150 feet of top booting. After passing the Cape another heavy gale was experienced for two days with heavy snow showers. Again on 3rd April she encountered another furious gale, during which, heavy seas swept into the cabins and down the steerage hatch, doing serious damage to the passengers' luggage. On 4th April a very large iceberg from 7 to 8 miles in length was passed; also several small ones, and on 14th April to the 19th sighted several large icebergs and passed through a quantity of ice. On 26th April Stewart Island was sighted, thence the ship carried light S.W. winds to port. The Paria fortunately had only 23 passengers on board.

Lincoln, 995 tons, Captain Leamon, sailed from the Downs 2nd February, arrived 19th June. Owing to heavy gales experienced in the Channel, during which considerable damage was done by heavy seas breaking on board, flooding the 'tween decks with water, the vessel returned to the Downs. The damage being repaired she sailed again on 14th February. After passing the Cape heavy gales were encountered until off Tasmania on 27th April. At this part of her voyage the whole of her best sails were split and many carried away, and the poop ladders washed overboard. The ship was hove-to on two occasions during the storms, and it was found necessary to batten down the 75 immigrants on board.

Red Rover, 1041 tons, Captain D. McCauley, sailed from the Downs 18th May, arrived 29th August. During the voyage two of the seamen were washed overboard during a heavy gale and were drowned. Passengers, 34 saloon.

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Melita, 800 tons, Captain Grant, sailed from London 23rd July, arrived 8th November, with 18 saloon and a number of steerage passengers.