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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Tiptree, 1650 tons, Captain Davis, sailed 20th October, 1863, arrived 20th January. Passengers, 30 saloon and 344 immigrants. The passage land to land was made in 76 days.

Lady Douglas, ship, 564 tons, Captain Evans, sailed 24th November, 1863, arrived 29th February. First direct ship from the Clyde.

Balaklava, 621 tons, Captain Stewart, sailed 6th November, 1863, arrived 29th February. Passengers, 13 cabin, and 45 steerage.

Golden Sunset, 1000 tons, Captain Tidmarsh, sailed from Portsmouth 19th February, arrived 30th May. Passengers, 20. This vessel was one of the White Star liners only recently built.

Amoor, from London, arrived 2nd July, making the passage in 86 days. Passengers, 13 saloon, and 160 Government immigrants.

Mirage, 718 tons, Captain J. Campbell, arrived 5th September. Passengers, 36.

Bellissima, 431 tons, Captain Ritchie, from London, arrived 1st November, after a tedious passage of 125 days, bringing 12 saloon, and a number of steerage passengers.

W. H. Haselden, 896 tons, Captain John Rose, sailed from London 5th August, arrived 15th December. She was a new ship on her maiden voyage. Owing to a succession of head winds down Channel and a series of light winds and calms after parting with the pilot to making the New Zealand coast on 9th December, the voyage occupied 135 days. Captain Rose reported that during the whole voyage he had never occasion to take in the royals. Passengers, 46.