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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Lord Auckland, 600 tons, Captain Jardine, sailed from London, arrived 10th February. Passengers, 155.

Brougham, Captain Robertson, arrived 6th March from London. Sailed through the French Pass. Sailed for New Plymouth, arriving 28th March. The French Pass was given its name when Captain Dumont D'Urville (a Frenchman) sailed through on the 24th January, 1827, in his ship Astrolabe,

Bolton, Captain Robinson, from London, arrived 15th March. Passengers, 354.

Martha Ridgeway, Captain Webb, from Liverpool, arrived 2nd April.

Clifford, Captain Stapp, from London, arrived 11th May, with a large number of saloon and steerage passengers.

Sir Charles Forbes, 363 tons, Captain Bacon, from London, arrived 22nd August. This vessel made the passage in 96 days and brought out 187 passengers, including Mr. A. Domett.

Thomas Harrison, 370 tons, Captain T. Harrison, from London, 25th May, arrived 25th October, after a long and tedious voyage. Passengers, 187.

Olympia, 500 tons, Captain Whyte, from London, arrived 25th October. Passengers, 138.

New Zealand, 445 tons, Captain Worth, from London, arrived 4th November. Passengers, 137.

George Fyfe, 460 tons, Captain Pyke, from London, arrived 12th December.

Bombay, 400 tons, Captain Moore, sailed 1st August, arrived 14th December, after a tedious passage of 135 days. Passengers, 165.

Prince of Wales, 582 tons, Captain Alexander, from London, arrived 22nd December. Passengers, 203.