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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Renfrewshire, 890 tons, Captain Peattie, arrived February 13th, via Napier, where she landed immigrants. Trip occupied 97 days to Napier. As there were several cases of scarlet fever on board, the ship was quarantined for several weeks.

Gainsborough, 974 tons, Captain Carter, sailed October 23rd, 1877, arrived March 8th. She called at Nelson February 29th to land immigrants. She had a total of 230 on board for both ports. On November 3rd the bowsprit carried away, and before the ship paid off before the wind she lost her foretopmast and main royal mast. A jury bowsprit and topmast were rigged.

Araby Maid, 837 tons, Captain Cromarty, sailed October 30th, 1877, arrived January 22nd.

Rialto, 1165 tons, Captain Babot, sailed October 9th, arrived January 22nd. Brought a number of passengers. On October 14th a hurricane took away three topsails and the maintopsail yard; hove-to for 14 hours with seas sweeping the decks. Animal pens and several cases of acid were washed overboard, and glass in the skylight was broken by the force of the spray. The gale moderated at noon next day. A smart gale was experienced off Cape Leeuwin, and a number of cabin windows were stove in.

Craigee Lee, 624 tons, Captain Winther, sailed February 26th, arrived October 3rd. Put into Fremantle a complete wreck, sailing again August 29th.

Abeona, 997 tons, Captain Groshard, sailed May 1st, arrived August 19th.

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Medea, 1065 tons, Captain Coles, sailed May 1st, arrived August 4th.

Caithlock, 1264 tons, Captain Phillips, sailed March 30th, arrived July 12th.

Firth of Forth, Captain Cowper, sailed March 27th, arrived July 4th.