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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Indiana, 852 tons, Captain McKirdy, from London, via Lyttelton, arrived December 14th.

Equator, 480 tons, Captain Sellberg, from London, arrived January 22nd.

Midlothian, 392 tons, Captain Grant, from London, via Nelson, arrived February 5th.

Eclipse, 254 tons, Captain Elliott, from London, November 8th, 1858, arrived March 7th. Called at New Plymouth March 3rd.

Acasta, 385 tons, Captain Halliday, from London, January 7th, arrived April 11th.

Alfred the Great, 649 tons, Captain M'Intyre, from London December 7th, 1858, arrived April 17th. 69 passengers. Contrary weather caused her to put into the Cape on February 26th; remained there 10 days.

Minerva, 600 tons, Captain Merryman, sailed from London March 22nd, arrived July 12th. 70 passengers.

Reullura, 292 tons, Captain Gibbs, from London, arrived June 18th. 24 passengers.

Eaglet, 396 tons, Captain Butcher, sailed March 23rd, arrived August 25th. Long and boisterous passage of 155 days. Several spars carried away. Put into Cork to refit, leaving April 11th. On 13th same month, while lying-to in a gale, foretopmast, jibboom, foretopgallant yard carried away, and foretopgallant mast sprung.

Hastings, 519 tons, sailed June 10th, arrived October 20th, with 39 passengers. Delayed in the Channel 14 days by heavy weather. Captain pitched overboard and drowned off Cape on August 20th. Ship going ten knots at time, and a gale blowing. Captain was a young man, and married only a few days before sailing; formerly first officer on Joseph Fletcher.

Christopher Newton, 417 tons, Captain Menzies, sailed from London July 27th, arrived November 20th.

Countess of Fife, 510 tons, Captain Collie, from London, via Otago, sailed May 26th, arrived September 21st.