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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885


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Earl of Winsor, ship, 738 tons, Captain Dick, from London, via Wellington, arrived May 27th. Earl of Winsor sailed for Oamaru on June 9th with 3,000 sheep. The heaviest shipment from Napier made to date.

George Canning, barque, 411 tons, Captain F. M. Harries, arrived from London via Nelson.

Royal Bride, 526 tons, Captain Laker, sailed January 29th, arrived June 14th, via Auckland.

Affiance, barque, 401 tons, Captain Simson, arrived from London, via Wellington.


Rangoon, 374 tons, Captain Harwood, sailed from London November 26th, 1863, arrived July 23rd. Owing to casualties and rough weather, the barque did not leave the Downs until January 24th. After a very rough and tedious passage, she put into Sydney on June 2nd for provisions and some repairs. Sailed from Sydney on July 4th, and had another rough passage to port. When off the Bay of Plenty, encountered a terrific gale, which did considerable damage to the ship.


Henry Miller, 433 tons, Captain. Dickson, sailed June 22nd, arrived October 20th. On September 8th, when off the Mauritius, a terrific gale, with huge seas, was encountered, and 30 tons of cargo were jettisoned, the vessel labouring heavily, and shipping heavy seas.


R. T. Turnbull, 367 tons, Captain Cumming, sailed July 2nd, arrived November 9th. The long voyage was due to a succession of heavy gales.


HÖVding, ship, Captain Berg, arrived September 15th from Christiania. Ship made the voyage in 108 days, and landed a large number of immigrants.


HÖVding, Ship, Captain. Nordbye, arrived December 1st, 110 days from Christiania, with a second batch of immigrants. This was a new ship, the Hövding which visited the port the previous year having been condemned on her arrival at Norway.

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Winchester, Captain Arnold, sailed May 3rd, arrived July 26th. A fine frigate-built ship, the largest to arrive at Napier to date. She made a smart passage of 84 days, and brought out 437 immigrants.


Clarence, 1105 tons, Captain Emmett, sailed September 24th, 1874, arrived January 5th. She brought 350 immigrants. During the voyage there were 21 deaths, chiefly children.

John Norman, sailed from London January 5th, and Lamlash January 21st, arrived June 11th. A long voyage of 153 days, owing to heavy weather experienced throughout.


Hudson, 597 tons, Captain Colville, sailed October 23rd, 1875, arrived February 13th, with 200 immigrants. Other voyages made by this ship are recorded in Vol I., White Wings.

Madeline, 481 tons, Captain Morrin, sailed January 3rd, arrived April 18th.


Renfrewshire, 898 tons, Captain Beattie, sailed September 29th, 1877, arrived January 4th, 1878, with immigrants. The vessel was placed in quarantine on account of scarlet fever having broken out. Later she proceeded to Wellington, arriving there on February 13th.


Mendoza, Captain Howleson, sailed November 6th, 1878, arrived February 26th.


Mercia, Captain Mosey, sailed November 8th, 1880, arrived February 21st, 1881.