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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



William Watson, barque, 480 tons, Captain William Brown, sailed from Plymouth 24th August, 1857, arrived 6th January. On 4th October, the cook good-naturedly jumped overboard to recover a cap lost by one of the passengers, the water being quite calm. The poor fellow suddenly disappeared, supposed to have been drawn under the quarter of the ship or seized by a shark. The barque came via New Plymouth and landed 44 passengers.

Tamar, barque, 600 tons, Captain J. Ross, sailed from London 11th October, 1857, and arrived 28th January.

Isabella Hamilton, barque, 280 tons, Captain Whittleton, sailed from Downs 24th December, 1857, and arrived 14th April. Among the passengers were Captain and Mrs. Walmsley.

The Bride, barque, 580 tons, Captain Spowart, sailed 1st February, arrived 21st June. On 24th April one of the sailors, with others, had broached cargo and become very drunk. He was sent aloft and fell from the maintop to the deck, fracturing his skull. In his descent he struck a child, one of the passengers. Both died within a few hours.

Swordfish, 345 tons, Captain J. Cundy, sailed from Downs 21st April, arrived 26th July.

Harwood, ship, 462 tons, Captain Forsyth, sailed from Downs 26th July, and arrived 4th November, the passage occupying only 95 days. She brought out 95 passengers.

Spirit Of Trade, barque, 450 tons, Captain McCulloch, sailed from Cork 3rd August, arrived 1st December. During the passage there were six deaths and six births.

Kingston, ship, 843 tons, Captain Weeks, sailed from Plymouth with 125 passengers, 15th September, arrived 28th December.