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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



The Baltasara, barque, 330 tons, Captain J. T. Thomas, sailed from Falmouth 9th September, 1853, arrived 20th January, with a staff of miners, clerks, etc., and the machinery for the Company's Copper Mines at Kawau Island. The Baltasara called at Sydney.

Lady Clark, ship, 440 tons, Captain T. Tovar, sailed 17th October, 1853, arrived 25th February. After landing passengers and cargo, proceeded to New Plymouth.

Artemisia, 550 tons, Captain S. Banes, sailed 3rd December, 1853, arrived 4th April with 40 passengers. Later sailed for New Plymouth. The Artemisia experienced rough weather in the Channel and was runaboard by an American clipper, which caused considerable damage.

Eclipse, ship, 400 tons, Captain Laing, arrived 26th June, via New Plymouth.

Balnagileth, ship, 462 tone, Captain A. Smith, sailed 10th December, 1853, arrived 6th July, via Wellington.

Norman Morrison, barque, 530 tons, Captain Burke, arrived 26th October, via Wellington.

Cordelia, ship, 378 tons, Captain McKenzie, arrived 23rd November, via Wellington.

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Bank Of England, ship, 726 tons, Captain W. Maxton, was one of Willis' line of ships. She sailed from the Downs 7th September, 1854. The vessel brought out 76 passengers among whom was Mr. J. I. Montefiore. A melancholy accident occurred during the voyage. William Hawkins, one of the passengers, fell overboard. The ship going about seven knots was immediately hove all aback and as the poor fellow was swimming light and strong there was every prospect of saving him. All at once he gave a piercing shriek and disappeared, having been taken, as was supposed, by a shark. Hawkins' wife and child witnessed the scene, and the child died a month later.