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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The City Of Vienna (Dunscore)

The City Of Vienna (Dunscore).

The City of Vienna, a fine iron ship of 1,000 tons, built by Connell, of Glasgow, in 1866, and owned by G. Smith and Sons, Glasgow, had been eight years launched when she was chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co. for a voyage to New Zealand, and made the passage from London to Port Chalmers in 89 days, or 82 land to land. She sailed on the 5th November, 1874, under the commandpage 180 of Captain Crocet, and the passage was essentially a fine weather one. Her best day's run was 312 miles, and she frequently logged from 280 to 300 miles. Port Chalmers was reached on the 3rd February, 1875.

Later the ship was sold to Macdonald, Hood and Co., of Glasgow, and under her new name of Dunscore she was again chartered for a voyage to New Zealand, making a remarkably fast passage to Port Chalmers of 77 days, land to land, or 89 port to port. Captain Young brought the vessel out. The ship sailed from Gravesend on the 22nd December, 1881, crossed the equator on the 15th January, only 22 days from the Lizard, and rounded the Cape on February 7th. She passed the westward point of Tasmania on March 7th, sighted the Snares on the 12th, and arrived at Port Chalmers on March 18th, 1882.

Two more voyages were made to the Dominion. In 1883 she sailed from London on March 4th, and arrived at Lyttelton on May 27th, in command of Captain Hind, making the passage in 84 days. In 1884, under the same command, she sailed from London on the 30th December, and arrived at Wellington on the 1st April, 1885, making the run in 92 days, port to port.