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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The White Rose Makes Lengthy Passage

The White Rose Makes Lengthy Passage.

An adventurous passage was made in 1875 by the ship White Rose, 1,556 tons, a sister ship to the Tintern Abbey. She was a new vessel, under charter to the Shaw, Savill Company. Sailing from London on February 14th, she went round to Plymouth to pick up her 166 passengers, and Failed on the 21st. She had in her hold a lot of railway material, and during some heavy weather a lot of it began to shift, giving the crew no end of trouble trying to square it up. The trouble began on May 4th, and after things had been straightened up somewhat, more severe weather came on, and a squall carried away the fore upper topsail yard. Then the fid of the main topmast bent, and the mast began to settle down. To cap everything, the trouble with the railway material, in the hold began again, and it was decided to put into St. Louis, Mauritius, to put matters right. Some little time before this, just after passing the equator, Captain T. G. Thorpe, the commander, had been found dead in his bunk, and the chief officer, Mr. C. W. Best, had assumed command. The ship was from May 22nd until June 10th effecting repairs at St. Louis. More bad weather was struck in the Southernpage 189 Indian Ocean, and on July 9th a fire broke out in the lower forehold among the cargo, but fortunately it was soon suppressed. Eventually the ship arrived at Lyttelton on July 21st, 137 days from the Thames, or 130 from Plymouth. On the run across from Mauritius a man died from "fever and plague."