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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Silistria

The Silistria.

A ship of 642 tons, built in 1854, and later owned by D. Rose and Co., of Aberdeen, the Silistria made four voyages to Otago, bringing out a total of over 900 passengers from Scotland. On the first two voyages she was commanded by Captain J. Mackay.

The first voyage was made in 1860, six years after the ship was launched. She sailed from the Clyde, and arrived at Port Chalmers on the 25th October, making the run in 91 days, port to port.

In 1861 she sailed from Glasgow on the 4th October, and arrived at Port Chalmers on January 11th, 1862, after a pleasant passage of 99 days. When the ship arrived Home, Captain Fernie succeeded Captain Mackay, and on the 30th December, 1862, she sailed once more from Glasgow, and arrived at Port Chalmers on April 17th, 1863. The passage occupied 110 days, from Rothesay Bay, or 91 from Cape Clear.

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The last voyage was made in 1867. The ship on this occasion under Captain Artis, sailed from Greenoch on the 24th April, and after a stormy and trying passage of 122 days, made the Snares on the 20th, and Port Chalmers on the 24th August. She landed 107 passengers.