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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Derwentwater

The Derwentwater.

The Derwentwater, a barque of 522 tons, built at Sunderland in 1852, was one of the first vessels chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co. for New Zealand, and under Captain Thompson she brought out a large number of immigrants during the 'sixties. She sailed from London on the 9th December, 1859, and arrived at Wellington on the 24th March, 1860, making the passage in 104 days. She brought 65 passengers.

In 1861 the Derwentwater sailed from London on July 11th, and arrived at Lyttelton via Otago, with 160 passengers and a general cargo. On this long and eventful voyage the barque sailed from Gravesend on the 18th July, and three days later turned into the Downs. The following day she made another start, but when off Portland, on the 25th, struck a fierce westerly gale, during which a topgallant mast was carried away. Off and on she hadpage 163 execrable weather until the Snares were sighted on the 20th. Port Chalmers was reached on the 26th November. After landing 93 passengers, the ship sailed for Lyttelton.

The following year the barque was again put on the berth for Lyttelton. She sailed on the 5th September, 1862, and arrived on the 7th January, 1863, 123 days from Gravesend, with over 100 passengers. On this occasion she brought out a fine four-oared racing gig for the Christchurch Rowing Club, built by Wylie, of London. This boat had belonged to a celebrated crew who had the previous year gained all the prizes on the South Coast of England, and many of the regattas on the Continent.

In 1863-4 the barque made a third voyage to Lyttelton. She sailed on the 12th September, 1863, and arrived on the 2nd January, 1864, with 33 passengers.