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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Alliance

page 176

The Alliance.

The voyage of the Alliance, which sailed from Liverpool with passengers and cargo on the 27th November, 1868, and arrived at Nelson on the 12th June, 1869, is an example of how ill-luck sometimes dogs a vessel throughout her passage. The secret of her long voyage and the evils that befel her could be traced to the bad stowage of her cargo. The vessel cleared Liverpool originally on November 27th, but met stormy weather off Holyhead, and was compelled to put back. She sailed again on the 9th December, and encountered very heavy weather in the Channel, the wheel chains and relief tackles being carried away. The stern-post was also sprung. On the 30th January the ship, which had a great deal of dead weight in her, had to be lightened by throwing overboard a quantity of cargo. She then made for Rio Janeiro, arriving there in a crippled condition on the 22nd February, 1869. She sailed again on March 15th, but experienced unfavourable weather for the whole of the succeeding month. On May 4th she encountered a terrible hurricane. The storm lasted for nearly three days, during which time the vessel laboured so heavily that more of her cargo had to be thrown overboard to save her from foundering. After this the weather for the remainder of the voyage was moderately fine, and the ship, for which grave fears had been entertained, eventually reached her destination, 196 days out from Liverpool.

Another ship of 977 tons, bearing the same name, under Captain Potter, sailed from London on the 10th July, and arrived at Wellington on the 20th October, 1901.

Arrival of the Survey Ships.

First Vessels To Anchor At Nelson.

(See page 180.)

The Mairi Bhan.