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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Harvest Home

The Harvest Home.

One of the most consistent ships to make more than average passages to the South Island was the 547 ton barque Harvest Home, under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Co. She conveyed passengers and cargo to three ports—Port Chalmers, Lyttelton, and Nelson. When she started on her first voyage outwards she had been trading to other ports for 13 years, having been launched at Liverpool in 1855.

The Harvest Home made three voyages to Port Chalmers. Sailing first from Liverpool on the 17th September, she arrived off Stewart Island when 91 days out, and anchored at Port Chalmerspage 175 on the 23rd December, 1868, making the passage in 97 days port to port. Captain Teulon was in command.

On the next voyage the barque sailed from London, in charge of Captain Green, on the 16th November, 1869, and the Lizard eight days later. The equator was crossed on the 17th December, the Cape rounded on January 10th, 1870, and the Snares on the 10th February, the ship being then 78 days land to land. Head light winds delayed her on the coast, and on the 17th February she arrived in port.

On her next voyage the barque sailed from Liverpool on November 28th, 1870, but was detained in the Mersey until the 17th December. She made a fine run to the line, which was crossed on the 30th December. On February 23rd, 1871, she came to anchor at Port Chalmers. Captain Green was still in command.

The Harvest Home made two passages out in one year, having arrived at Port Chalmers in February, 1871, and again at Lyttelton on the 30th December, 1871. On the voyage to Lyttelton she sailed from the Downs on the 11th October, 1870, in command of Captain Trewyn, the passage occupying 83 days, or 76 land to land.

In 1873 the barque arrived at Nelson on the 23rd December, having sailed from London on the 15th September.