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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Rangoon

The Rangoon.

Under the command of Captain Pearman, the Rangoon left the East India docks, London, on November 26, 1863, having on board 110 passengers. Owing to the late arrival of some dispatches, the vessel was compelled to remain at Gravesend until December 4, and did not take her final departure from the Downs until December 10. The following day the Rangoon came into collision with the barque Lord Maidstone, and had her bows stove in and headgear wrecked. The Rangoon at once commenced to sink, and her captain lost no time in signalling for assistance. A tug was speedily dispatched from Ramsgate, and the Rangoon was towed into Deal. It was found that the barque had been extensively damaged, and it was not until January 13, 1864, that repairs had been effected and she was again able to proceed to sea. She took her second departure from the Downs on January 24, and passed the meridian of the Cape 45 days after clearing Start Point. In running down her easting the barque met a succession of southerly gales, accompanied by terrific seas and heavy hail storms. The Cape of Tasmania was sighted on May 18, and severe weather was then encountered for the next two weeks. On June 2 the Rangoon put into Sydney for supplies. She resumed her voyage to Napier after a stay of two days, and met with fine weather until November 13, when a heavy gale and tremendous cross sea was experienced, the vessel being at that time in the Bay of Plenty. The following day the Rangoon was struck on the port beam by a terrific sea, which made a clean sweep of the decks, taking everything movable over the side. Several boats were smashed to matchwood.

After meeting further stormy weather, the Rangoon finally dropped her anchor at Napier on July 23. During the voyage there was one birth and three deaths. On landing after their long sea voyage, the immigrants made bitter complaint concerning their treatment during the voyage, and a commission was set up to inquire into the matter and report to the Government.