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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Aloe

page 167

The Aloe.

The Aloe, a very fine ship of 1,024 tons, under the command of Captain Tregoning, arrived at Auckland on June 7th, 1863, and brought out 176 passengers, including Mr. Vidall and family. Mr. Vidall was well known to older colonists as a church missionary. The Aloe experienced a tedious and turbulent passage. Sailing from Gravesend on the 12th February, she crossed the equator 26 days out. Although a fast sailer, she did not average more than 70 miles a day for 25 days. The meridian of the Cape was passed on the 16th April, 63 days out from the Isle of Wight, and the Tasmanian coast on May 15th. Owing to very light contrary winds, nineteen days were occupied in reaching Cape Brett on June 3rd, the first land sighted since leaving the Channel.

On the arrival of the ship in port, seven of the sailors were brought ashore and charged with violently assaulting Henry Morris, the boatswain. Captain Tregoning, in his evidence, stated that on the night of May 9th there was a serious disturbance on board. When he came on deck he ordered the boatswain to trim the foreyard, and he went forward to call the port watch for that purpose. After giving the order the Captain went below, and when he came on deck again there was a great noise, with cries of "murder!" after which the boatswain came aft bleeding and much ill-used. The magistrate said that the ship's log disclosed not one, but a continuance of the most disgraceful scenes that ever occurred on board a ship, and that the assault was a most brutal one. Four of the seamen were sentenced to two months, and three others to six weeks' hard labour.