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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The St. Michael

page 145

The St. Michael.

This vessel was a barque of 377 tons, in command of Captain R. W. Prance. She made two voyages to Auckland, the second being via New Plymouth. Sailing from the Down on the 7th September, 1849, she arrived at Auckland on the 8th January, 1850, after a voyage of 123 days. She brought 33 passengers for Auckland.

On the second voyage, the St. Michael sailed from the Downs on the 15th July, and arrived at New Plymouth on the 2nd December, 1852, the vessel being four and a-half months on the passage. This barque brought out 47 passengers for New Plymouth, among whom were Messrs. A. McKellar, J. McKellar, H. McKellar, Mrs. McKellar, and her two daughters, several of whom occupied prominent positions in the Government service in Auckland and Wellington. The St. Michael having passengers and cargo for Auckland, sailed for that port on the 19th December, and arrived ten days later. For eighty-three days the weather on the passage was so fine that the passengers had most of their meals on deck.

Two young men who came from Madeira in the barque to New Plymouth, Messrs. Frank Mace and Antonio Rodriquez, were soon engaged in the Taranaki war, and each was awarded the New Zealand Cross for valour during the big battle of Waireke, near New Plymouth. Mr. Mace was later promoted captain, and is still living. He is the father of Mrs. Wallace Alexander, now residing in Auckland.