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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Mariner

The Mariner.

The Mariner, American-built ship, was sent out by the old firm of Willis, Gann & Company, and made several voyages to New Zealand. She sailed from London to Otago the first two voyages, bringing out a total of 320 passengers.

In 1849 the Mariner sailed from Gravesend on February 8th, and arrived on June 5th, making the passage in 119 days. As many of the passengers were booked for Wellington, the vessel proceeded on to that port, arriving on July 12th.

The following year she sailed for Port Chalmers on the 7th April, and arrived at that port on the 6th August, 1850. The vessel, having 126 passengers for Wellington, sailed from Dunedin at the end of August, and arrived on the 2nd September. After discharging a portion of her cargo, she sailed again for New Plymouth, arriving there on the 11th October. Captain R. Harland brought the ship out on each occasion.

In 1856 the Mariner sailed from London on July 14th, and after calling at Tasmania for water, arrived at Wellington on November 25th, where she landed 68 passengers. Three deaths occurred during the voyage.

Nine years later the Mariner was sent out to Nelson under Captain Fraser (Frater). She sailed from London on the 2nd January, and arrived on the 23rd April, 1859. The "Examiner," reporting her arrival, said:—

"The Mariner is the first of a new line of vessels recently established by the Shaw Saville Co. She brings 48 English, 41 Scotch, and 34 foreign, mostly Germans—a total of 125 passengers. The passage occupied 111 days from Downs to port."