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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

The Kinnaird

The Kinnaird.

This barque, a vessel of 555 tons, made three voyages to New Zealand, her best run being 120 days to Auckland. On the 6th October, 1858, she sailed from London, under Captain Stephens, for Wellington, and arrived there on the 7th February, 1859, making the passage in 126 days. She landed 83 passengers.

The following year, under the same command, the Kinnaird sailed from London for Otago, leaving Gravesend on the 5th March, and arriving after a passage of 123 days at Port Chalmers on the 6th July, 1860. Captain Stephens stated the long voyage was attributable to unusually light winds until reaching the Cape. She was compelled to put in there for water. The barque brought out only 21 passengers on this occasion.

In 1862 the barque, with general cargo and 28 passengers, under Captain Sinclair, sailed from London on the 9th, and Plymouth on the 17th November, 186l, for Auckland. Three days later a ship was sighted on fire. She was a mass of flames, and Captain Sinclair steered a course at once to see if assistance could be rendered. When close to the burning vessel it was found there was no one on board. The Three Kings were sighted on the 6th March, and port made on the 26th.