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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885

Ship John Wickliffe

Ship John Wickliffe.

Mrs. Thomas Ferens (nee Westland), age 89, Westport.

Mrs. Elizabeth Titchener (nee Finch), age 78, Invercargill.

Mrs. Elizabeth Griffiths (nee Mosley), age 81, Balclutha.

Mrs. M. J. Johnston (nee Cargill, only surviving daughter of Captain Cargill), age 96, George Street, Dunedin.

Miss Agnes Burns, age 79, Dunedin.

Mrs. Wm. Allan (nee Marion Seaton), age 83, Dunedin.

Mrs. Charles Findlay (nee Barr), age 79, Dunedin.

Mr. David Buchanan, age 84, Kelso.

Mr. Adam Duff, age 83, Glenavy (Canterbury).

Mrs. J. L. Souter (nee Duff), age 82, Sydney.

Mrs. Wm. Churchhill (nee Hair), age 82, Dunedin.

Mr. Walter Watson, age 83, Invercargill.

Mr. John Gillies, age 83, Perth (West Australia).

Mrs. Mary Stewart (nee Sinclair), Papakura, Auckland.

Mrs. Agnes Dickson (nee Dalziel), age 84, Roslyn, Dunedin.