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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Akaroa

The Akaroa.

the Akaroa, a barque of 1298 tons, originally owned by Patrick Henderson, hoisted the Shaw, Savill flag when the amalgamation took place. This ship, which had excellent accommodation for three hundred passengers, was not
the Akaroa At Auckland.

the Akaroa At Auckland.

a fast sailer, even under the command of such skilful men as Captain Thomas Bowling and Captain Kelly, her record run being 95 days to Wellington.

the Akaroa had two rough passages to Wellington. In 1885 she took 135 days to reach Wellington. This was caused partly by meeting heavy weather in the Channel, when she was detained eight days. During a severe gale after passing the Cape, which continued for three days, a sea broke on board, sweeping everything away on deck and flooding the cabins.

On the passage out in 1890 the voyage occupied 129 days. In the vicinity of the Equator the ship was lying in the doldrums for 14 days, and on April 7 apage 175 heavy gale was encountered, during which the vessel was hove-to under lower topsails, which were blown away, and the barque kept to the wind under bare poles. On the 10th of the same month the standard of the steering gear was carried away. Fortunately the gale moderated the following day.

In 1900 the Akaroa was sold to Norway and sailed for many years in the Australian trade. Her sailing capabilities were not improved after passing away from the Shaw, Savill Co. On April 12, 1916, she left Melbourne for England with a cargo of wheat and arrived at Falmouth after an extraordinary long passage of 186 days.

the Akaroa's passages to New Zealand were:—

To Auckland.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
July 28 Nov. 9, '83 Bowling 103
Mar. 18 June 28, '86 Bowling 102
To Wellington.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Oct. 24, '84 Mar. 9, '85 Bowling 135
Dec. 20, '89 Apr. 28, '90 Culbert 129
Dec. 5 Mar. 10, '91 Murray 95
June 17 Sep. 24, '98 Murray 99
July 14 Nov. 8, '99 Kelly 117
Aug. 21 Dec. 5, '01 Kelly 106
To Lyttelton.
Via Barry Nov. 14, '96 Murray
To Dunedin.
Jan. 7 May 7, '82 Bowling 120
To Napier.
Aug. 5 Nov. 13, '93 Murray 100
June 12 Oct. 1, '94 Murray 111