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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

Fine Craft

Fine Craft.

After the Triumph the company had the Doric, Ionic and Coptic, Victory, and Bombay, the two latter being chartered steamers, and built the Tainui, Arawa, Gothic, Mamari, Matatua, Rangatira, Maori, Pakeha, Aotea, Tokomaru, and other steamers. To-day the Company has a magnificent fleet of seventeen well-found modern steamers ranging from the 12,068 tonner Mahana, while the smallest in the fleet is a 7000 tonner which is a good deal more than the whole tonnage with which this famous line originally started. These seventeen steamers have an aggregate ton-page 27nage of 163,311 to which must be added the four White Star boats that are run under the Company's house flag in these waters, and these bring the tonnage of the fleet up to 212,172. The passenger steamers of the Company are to-day the Arawa, Athenic, Corinthic, Ionic, and Tainui, and the cargo steamers the Mahia, Tairoa, Karamea, Kia Ora, Kumara, Mahana, Maimoa, Mamari, Matakana, Matatua, Otira, Pakeha, Raranga, Waimana, Waiwera, and Zealandic.

The New Zealand head office of the Company is in Wellington where Mr. James Findlay is stationed as Australasian representative with Mr. E. V. Bevan, assistant manager, and Captain T. H. Chudley, Marine Superintendent. The Marine Superintendents are: South Island, Captain A. J. Charman, and Auckland District, Captain R. S. Lewis. In addition the Company is represented at the various ports by very efficient agents.

Starting with the famous Westland, I now propose to give something about the vessels owned by or chartered by the Shaw Savill Company and by the Patrick Henderson's Company, that were engaged in the New Zealand trade.