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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900



On the fourth morning they ate the last of their scanty store of food, and just when they were wondering whatpage 86 was going to happen a ketch hove in sight, and the castaways frantically signalled to her. She proved to be the Agnes, from Pelorus Sound. She at once sent a boat to pick up the party that had signalled her, and then stood along the shore to pick up the rest of the survivors who were out trying to find an escape from the almost inaccessible spot where they had been cast ashore. Other boats had been seen passing, but the wrecked men had been unable to attract their attention. They had nothing with which to make a fire, and the rough flagstaff they had been able to rig up on the highest part of the cliff had failed to catch the eyes of passers-by.

At the inquiry that was held concerning the wreck the Court found that the master had been guilty of an error of judgment in standing on so long on the one tack.

the Lastingham, on the previous voyage, sailed from London on March 13, and arrived at Wellington on July 7, 1883, Captain Morrison being in command. The ship did not visit any other port in New Zealand.