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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Trevelyan

page 82

The Trevelyan.

Foundered with All Hands.

This unfortunate ship, a vessel of 1042 tons, built in 1863, and subsequently purchased by the Shaw, Savill Company, for the conveyance of immigrants to Australia and New Zealand. after making several voyages went "missing" in 1888. Captain Harry Bowling, a younger brother of Captain
the Trevelyan At Port Chalmers.

the Trevelyan At Port Chalmers.

Tom Bowling, took command of the ship in 1887, succeeding Captain Roberts. After completing one voyage to Wellington under his command, the Trevelyan sailed again from Glasgow for Otago on March 23, 1888, and, it is believed foundered off the South African coast on June 3, with all hands. Some months elapsed when the ship was posted at Lloyd's as missing, and a later cable from England to New Zealand stated that a life-buoy marked Trevelyan had been picked up and that further it was then considered certain a ship which was seen in distress by a steamship bound to Capetown, when the weather was so rough that it was impossible to render any assistance, or even make out her name, was the illfated Trevelyan. At the time of the storm the vessel in distress was close in shore off Cape Aqulhas, which is not in the usual track of vessels sailing to New Zealand, but it was thought the vessel at the time was attempting to make Capetown for repairs. The Travelyan was then over seventy days out, but as she was not a fast sailor, the Cape would probably be her position at the time she disappeared.

the Trevelyan had previously made the following passages to New Zealand ports:—

To Wellington.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Aug. 3 Nov. 21, '84 Roberts 110
Jan. 12 Apr. 29, '87 Bowling 106
To Lyttelton.
Feb. 7 May 13, '80 Roberts 95
Dec. 7, '85 Mar. 25, '86 Roberts 108
To Dunedin.
Dec. 8, '73 Mar. 30, '74 Loftus 121
Sep. 28 Dec. 30, '83 Roberts 93