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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Little Celaeno

The Little Celaeno.

Under Captain C. H. Renaut.

Considering her size—she was only of 700 tons register—the Celaeno made good average passages. This vessel, which was chartered by the Shaw-Savill Co., was connected with a name very well known in New Zealand, that of Renaut, a skipper of that name being found sailing these waters since 1848. The master of the Celaeno was Captain C. H. Renaut, who made ten voyages in her to Wellington, Lyttelton and Port Chalmers. It was 1864 that he brought the vessel out to Port Chalmers on her maiden voyage, but even then he was not a stranger, having been there in 1848 when a youth aboard his father's ship, which was the third vessel with immigrants to enter that Port.

the Celaeno met with the rough weather that was expected by vessels sailing the stormy Southern seas, especially on her maiden voyage. On this occasion all went well until after rounding the Cape on November 8, 1864, when 59 days out. Then very severe weather was experienced until after passing 120 deg. east, when in latitude 46 deg. south and longitude 95 deg. east a terrific cyclone with tremendous seas was encountered. The wind suddenly shifted to south-west on the 25th November, with terrific gusts and torrents of rain, the ship rolling bulwarks under water and labouring very heavily. After passing Tasmania the ship met with another severe gale, and rough weather continued until arrival. The passage, notwithstanding was made in 104 days, or 95 land to land.

Captain Payne, who brought the Celaeno to Napier in 1879 stated the voyage had been the worst he had ever experienced. The vessel encountered a terrific gale from Weymouth to the Scilly Isles, which lasted ten days, during which she lost the greater part of her bulwarks, lost most of her sails, had her decks swept, and suffered other damage. Other severe gales were met with, delaying the ship's progress, and when she arrived at Napier, 142 days out, some of the cargo was damaged.

Here follows the record of outward passages:—

To Wellington.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Oct. 14, '70 Feb. 5, '71 Renaut 113
Nov. 2, '71 Feb. 2, '72 Renaut 92
Oct. 6, '72 Jan. 11, '73 Renaut 97
*Sep. 26, '73 Jan. 3, '74 Gedge 120
To Lyttelton.
Oct. 2, '69 Jan. 16, '70 Renaut 106
To Port Chalmers.
Sep. 2 Dec. 15, '64 Renaut 104
Land to land 95
Sep 19 Dec. 31,'65 Renaut 102
Sep. 23, '66 Jan. 9, '67 Renaut 107
From Lizard 85
Sep 26 Dec. 27, '67 Renaut 92
Land to land 82
Oct. 26, '68 Feb. 11, '69 Renaut 108
To Napier.
Feb. 5 June 27, '79 Payne 142

* Detained twenty days in the Channel.