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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

First Visit to Auckland

First Visit to Auckland.

Upon her first visit to Auckland forty years ago the Saint Leonards was commanded by Captain Petherbridge, and on that occasion she had among her passengers Mr. S. Philpott, now with Jagger and Harvey, ship chandlers, Auckland, as head of their sail-making department. He came out with his parents. On that voyage Mr. Tom Bowling, afterwards in command of the Invercargill and other ships, was the chief officer of the Saint Leonards, and the second officer was Mr. McDonald, who was in the Ben Venue when she was wrecked at Timaru, and was one of the only three survivors from the Cospatrick
The St. Leonard's in the river thames.

The St. Leonard's in the river thames.

when she was burned off Cape of Good Hope.

After the loss of the St. Leonards, Captain Todd took command of the Northumberland. Nearly, if not all, the officers and crew of the St. Leonards shipped again with Captain Todd on this ship. Among them was a young man named Wilson, who came of a seafaring family. His kit was packed in a sea chest which had accompanied his father and grandfather round the world some seven or eight times, and was regarded by Wilson as a sort of heirloom. Weeks after the St. Leonards went down this chest, almost the only salvage, by the way, was cast up on the French coast. The authorities of the French town near which it was cast up were able to ascertain the name of the owner's people. A few days before Wilson left his home again to join the Northumberland they received the chest and a very sympathetic letter from the mayor of the town, and the chest was still in a sufficiently sound condition to be used for its original purpose, and accompanied its owner on the Northumberland.

Following is the list of the voyages made by the Saint Leonards from London to New Zealand:—

To Auckland.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
June 19 Sep. 26, '73 Petherbridge 98
To Wellington.
June 3 Sep. 2, '74 Todd 91
Aug. 6 Nov. 12, '75 Todd 98
Nov. 2, '76 Todd 102
July 30 Nov. 5, '77 Todd 97
June 27 Sep. 30, '78 Todd 95
June 10 Sep. 27, '79 Todd 91
May 23 Aug. 22, '80 Todd 90
To Lyttelton.
June 22 Sep. 23 '72 Petherbridge 93
Apr. 15 July 29, '81 Todd 105
Jan. 4 Apr. 23, '82 Todd 109