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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Waikato

The Waikato.

the Waikato, a well-found ship of 1021 tons, flying the New Zealand Shipping Co.'s flag, was a real clipper, and completed many fast voyages out and home. Of twelve passages outwards only three exceeded 100 days.

In 1878 Captain Worster reported leaving Plymouth with 298 immigrants and nine saloon passengers on October 21, and passed the Lizard the same day, with the Lactura in company. The wind held from north to northeast until November 7, when variable winds followed. On this date the Waikato was in company with the Northern Monarch, bound for Lyttelton. Baffling southerly winds continued for ten days, with heavy squalls. The Equator was crossed on November 27. On December 9 the brave westerlies were fallen in with, and thence the Waikato did some really fine sailing, the Snares being sighted on January 14, 1879, splendid weather having been experienced throughout, the topsails never having been reefed once for wind.

the Northern Monarch arrived at Lyttelton on February 1, thirteen days after the Waikato.

Captain Worster made a fine run to Lyttelton in 1877. the Waikato made the passage from Plymouth in 82 days, and 78 land to land. Her passage home from Wellington the previous trip, under Captain Worster's command, was made in 76 days to the docks, a really fine performance.

The ship was built by Blumer and Co., Sunderland, in 1874. When steamers took the place of many sailing vessels the Waikato was sold to the Germans and renamed the Pfluger. Subsequently shepage 295 fell into the hands of J. D. Spreckels and Son, of San Francisco, in a partly dismasted condition. This was in 1900, when she was rigged as a barquentine, and given the name of Coronado. She was later sold to the Canadian Pacific Coal Co., and used by them as a towing barge. She foundered on November 20,
The Waikato.

The Waikato.

1918, when being towed from Ladysmith to Vancouver.

Her records, while trading to New Zealand, were:—

To Auckland.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
* Aug. 17, '74 Hodder
Aug. 7 Nov. 17, '79 Worster 99
June. 26 Oct. 3, '80 Worster 98
June. 28 Oct. 14, '84 Southerland 108
Aug. 24 Nov. 26, '87 Brown 94
To Wellington.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Mar. 24 July 11, '74 Hodder 109
June 6 Sep. 4, '76 Worster 90
To Lyttelton.
June 27 Oct. 3, '75 Rose 98
May 5 July 26, '77 Worster 82
Jan. 19 Apr 27,'78 Worster 98
Oct. 21, '78 Jan. 18, '79 Worster 89
To Port Chalmers.
July 1 Oct. 2, '81 Worster 93
July 15 Oct. 28, '82 Southerland 105
Bean Rock Lighthouse. Auckland Harbour.

Bean Rock Lighthouse. Auckland Harbour.

* Via Wellington.