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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Routenbeck

The Routenbeck.

The Rontenbeck, an iron barque of 930 tons, built in 1875 and chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co., made four voyages to New Zealand. Her first visit was to Port Chalmers in 1879, in command of Captain Steet. She sailed from London with passengers and general cargo on March 28, and took her final departure from the Lizard on April 4. She had a fine run to the Equator of 20 days from the Lizard, rounded the Cape on May 24, and made Stewart Island on June 22. Six days later, on June 28, she anchored at Port Chalmers, making the passage in 92 days, or land to land 79 days.

Two years later the barque visited Lyttelton under the same command, and made another good passage of 89 days, port to port. She sailed from London on May 28, and arrived on August 23, 1881.

In 1887 the barque made another voyage to Port Chalmers. On this occasion she sailed from Glasgow under Captain Edwards with a few passengers and general cargo. Sailing on March 12, she crossed the Equator on April 6, and sighted Cape Saunders on June 9, arriving at Port Chalmers the following day, making the passage in 90 days.

Five years later the barque made a voyage to Wellington in command of Captain Russell. She sailed from Liverpool on May 7, and arrived on August 31, 1892, after a somewhat lengthy passage of 116 days. After discharging cargo she sailed for Port Chalmers, arriving there on September 21, 1892.