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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Caroline

page 236

The Caroline.

A month after the loss of the Wild Deer on the Irish Coast, in 1883, the Caroline, a fine powerful ship of 984 tons, chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co., sailed from Greenock with 240 out of 300 of the passengers rescued from the wreck of the Wild Deer, and had a favourable passage to Port Chalmers.
the Caroline At Port Chalmers.

the Caroline At Port Chalmers.

the Caroline sailed on February 19, under the command of Captain Hardy, and arrived at her destination on May 23, 1883, after a good run of 92 days, port to port, and 82 land to land. She crossed the Equator when 21 days out from Scilly, rounded the Cape on April 19, and sighted Stewart's Island on May 21.

the Caroline had previously brought immigrants to Dunedin. In 1874, under Captain Clyma, she sailed from London on March 25, and called at Queenstown, Ireland, to embark 301 passengers, and, sailing again on April 16, the ship called at St. Vincent on May 7, and sailed again 24 hours later. The Equator was crossed on May 15, the Snares sighted on July 9, and Port Chalmers reached on July 12, 93 days from Queenstown.

the Caroline also made one voyage to Wellington. She left London on January 6, and arrived on April 29, 1880. Captain Davis, who was in command, stated the ship had met with heavy weather on more than one occasion, but no serious damage was sustained.