Title: Indirections: A Memoir 1909-1947

Author: Charles Brasch

Publication details: Oxford University Press, 1980, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Alan Roddick

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Indirections: A Memoir 1909-1947

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Zealand in 1938, he left the manuscript of his first collection of poems, The Land and the People, with the Caxton Press in Christ-church, but he returned to England where he spent the war years in intelligence work for the Foreign Office. In 1945, having resolved to make his home in New Zealand, he returned with his mind turning steadily toward the proposed new journal. The first issue of Landfall came out two years later.

The memoir has been prepared for publication by James Bertram, a schoolfellow of Charles Brasch at Waitaki, a near contemporary at Oxford, and friend throughout his life.

The portrait of Charles Brasch by Evelyn Page on the cover is reproduced by courtesy of the University of Otago.

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