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Tuatara: Volume 30, Issue 1, December 1988


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Deer Velvet and palynology: an example of the use of forensic palynology in New Zealand. D. C. Mildenhall 1
Fossombronia species in New Zealand. Ella O. Campbell 12
A comparison of the prey of three common web-building spiders of open country, bush fringe and urban areas. D. J. Laing 23
Behaviour of young tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) in total darkness. V.B. Meyer-Rochow 36
Reptiles and the biogeographic interpretation of New Caledonia. A. M. Bauer 39
The use of increment cores for the analysis of tree ring chronologies for Fijian kauri (Agathis macrophylla). S. A. Weaver 51
Soil differences between secondary and old growth Agathis macrophylla forest in Nadarivatu, Fiji. S. A. Weaver 55
The Waitoreki of New Zealand - marsupial or monotreme? G. G. Sehm 62
Cone and seed phenology in several New Zealand conifer tree species. W. M. McEwan 66
Geology and revegetation of an 1855 landslide, Ruamahanga River, Kopuaranga, Wairarapa. R. H. Grapes 77
Book Reviews:
William Swainson of Fern Grove, F.R.A., F.L.S., &c - The Anatomy of a Nineteenth-Century Naturalist by Sheila Natusch and Geoffrey Swainson. J. R. H. Andrews 84
Forest Vines to Snow Tussocks: the Story of New Zealand Plants by John Dawson. G. W. Gibbs 85


This issue marks a change in Tuatara. From now on we will be publishing a single annual Volume of similar size, or larger, than the combined size of the two (or three) parts per Volume, published previously. This brings Tuatara “into line’ with similar publications and reduces printing costs. As Editors, we find it easier too, to produce a single annual issue, especially as there is a tendency for the bulk of the papers submitted to arrive at one time of the year! We very much appreciate the loyalty of our subscribers and hope that the change will be welcomed.

We record, with great regret, the sudden death of Byron Buick-Constable (aged 43) on 5 November, 1988. Mr Buick-Constable, the Assistant Registrar (Information and Publications), Victoria University of Wellington, has for many years, been Business Manager of Tuatara and we are grateful for the care and enthusiasm which he devoted to the publishing of this journal.

G. W. Gibbs

F. B. Sampson