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Tuatara: Volume 20, Issue 2, March 1973



(This issue edited by J. A. F. Garrick)

University Antarctic Issue

Thomas Kirk, Botanist L. B. Moore 51
Prey and Prey Capture in the Tunnel Web Spider, Porrhothele antipodiana D. J. Laing 57
Additions to the New Zealand Tick Fauna L. J. Dumbleton 65
A Guide to Morphological Characteristics for use in the Description of Extant and Fossil Dicotyledonous Leaves D. C. Mildenhall 75
Zoogeography and Taxonomy R. M. McDowall 88
Some Ethological and Biological Observations on the Tuatara in Laboratory Conditions R. J. Wojtusiak 97
A Note on the Occurrence of Small Fishes in Sponges C. M. Vooren 109