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Tuatara: Volume 19, Issue 1, November 1971



William Bell, Early Student of New Zealand Mosses Audrey E. Larsen 1
Chemical Aids to Species Recognition in the Lichen Genus Cladonia Wiliam Martin 6
A Comparison of the Growth of New Zealand Soil, Fuel and Air Isolates of the ‘Kerosene Fungus’ Cladosporium resinae (Lindau) de Vries in Aviation Turbine and Lighting Kerosene J. E.Sheridan and Jan Nelson 12
Studies on the ‘Kerosene Fungus’ Cladosporium resinae (Lindau) de Vries. Part I: The Problem of Microbial Contamination of Aviation Fuels. J. E. Sheridan, Jan Nelson and Y. L. Tan 21
Plant Cell Wall Structure and Cell Wall Growth G. S. Smith 43
Review 51