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Tuatara: Volume 16, Issue 3, December 1968



(This issue edited by J. W. Dawson)
A synopsis of the New Zealand Mosquitoes (Diptera Culicidae) and a Key to their Larvae. L. J. Dumbleton 167
Marchantia polymorpha var. aquatica in New Zealand. Ella O. Campbell 179
Some Problems in Photographing New Zealand Forests. Part 2. M. D. King 185
The New Zealand Hymenosomidae. Mary Jane Melrose 196
Cockayne's Vegetation of New Zealand and its place names. L. B. Moore and J. Clark 210
Future Contents
Macroscopic Plant Remains in Recent Lake Sediments. D. R. Mcqueen
Marine Diatoms — Past and Present Distributions. M. A. Harper