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Tuatara: Volume 16, Issue 2, July 1968

Further note on Thismia rodwayi

page 161

Further note on Thismia rodwayi

The Note by R. H. Steele (Tuatara 14, 1966, 130), accompanied by photographs by G. K. Rickards, prompts a formal recording of gatherings of Thismia rodwayi held at Botany Division, D.S.I.R., at Lincoln. These are, with the herbarium sheet numbers:

CHR 132244 North Tongariro, forest margin below Ketetahi Springs, amongst roots of Griselinia. G. H. Cunningham, 1942.

CHR 141477 Trounson Park, base of Agathis australis, amongst bark and humus; abundant at base of most of larger trees. W. B. Silvester, 8.12.1963.

CHR 147223 Pirongia district. R. Bell, December, 1963.

Mr. Bell, writing of his earlier finding of this plant in December 1962, relates: “Sitting having a smoke and just doodling with a stick among the leaves on the ground, a patch of these, 11 or 14 or so, appeared under and among the leaves. The pretty colour first caught our eyes. They appeared to be just nestling cosily in the leaf mold—the roots did not seem to be firm—just loosely in the mold. They were a creamy brownish colour, fleshy looking.’