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Tuatara: Volume 13, Issue 3, November 1965



(This issue edited by J. W. Dawson)

Botany of the Southern Zone — Exploration to 1843 E. J. Godley 140
Notes on a Potential Trematode Parasite of Man in New Zealand Michael Howell 182
Pittosporum cornifolium and Dacrydium laxifolium. Colour Plate. M. D. King 185
A Simple Method for Determining Levels along Seashore Transects J. F. C. Morgans 187
A Portable Time Interval Indicator for Animal Behaviour Studies R. K. Lambert 190
‘Possum’ or ‘Opossum’ R. I. Kean 192
Note from an Australian Mammalogist on Usage of the Common Name ‘Possum’ Ellis Troughton 192
Review R.K.D. 193

Future Contents

Biological and Economic Importance of the Algae — Part II H. W. Johnston
Observations on Nothofagus in New Caledonia J. W. Dawson
Introduced Ungulates in New Zealand (d) Fallow Deer A. H. C. Christie and J. R. H. Andrews