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Tuatara: Volume 13, Issue 2, July 1965



(This issue edited by J. A. F. Garrick)
A Punched Card Indexing System to Literature for the Biological Research Worker or InstitutionJ. F. C. Morgans77
The Biological and Economic Importance of Algae — Part IH. W. Johnston90
Introduced Ungulates in New Zealand (c) ChamoisA. H. C. Christie and J. R. H. Andrews105
The Lichen Flora of New ZealandWilliam Martin112
A Simple and Flexible Cataloguing System for Biological Collections, Large or SmallJ. F. C. Morgans116
Marchantia Species of New ZealandE. O. Campbell122

Future Contents

Subantarctic Botany — Part I E. J. Godley
Biological and Economic Importance of Algae — Part II H. W. Johnston
Further Observations on Galaxias Whitebait and Their Relation to the Distribution of the Galaxiidae R. M. McDowall