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Tuatara: Volume 13, Issue 1, April 1965



(This issue edited by J. A. F. Garrick)
Introduced Ungulates in New Zealand A. H. C. Christie1
(b) Virginia Deer and J. R. H. Andrews
Some Discontinuous Distributions of Plants Within New Zealand and Their Ecological Significance — Part II C. J. Burrows9
Standardising the Common Name ‘Possum’ G. Caughley for Trichosurus vulpecula30
Lunularia in New Zealand E. O. Campbell31
The Cell Nucleus — Part II G. K. Rickards43

Future Contents

Subantarctic Botany — Part I E. J. Godley
Punched card index to literature J. F. C. Morgans
Cataloguing system for biological collections J. F. C. Morgans
Biological and economic importance of algae — part I H. W. Johnston