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Tuatara: Volume 12, Issue 3, November 1964



(This issue edited by J. W. Dawson)

Some Discontinuous Distributions of Plants within New Zealand — Part I C. J. Burrows 125
A Consideration of the Question ‘What are Whitebait?’ R. M. McDowall 134
Key to the New Zealand Filmy Ferns (Hymenophyllaceae) L. R. Bublitz 147
Food of Monarch Butterfly Larvae in New Zealand G. W. Ramsay 154
‘Opossum’ or ‘Possum’? R. I. Kean 155
Revised Key to the Moss Genera in New Zealand K. W. Allison 157
Intraspecific Variation in a New Zealand Sea-star H. B. Fell 185