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Tuatara: Volume 11, Issue 2, June 1963



The Terrestrial Plankton J. D. Stout 57
Solander — His Influence on New Zealand Botany Edwin D. Hatch 66
Dendrobium cunninghamii Lindl. Sydney Parkinson 67
Synopsis of the Ticks (Ixodoidea) of N.Z. L. J. Dumbleton 72
Root Habit of Some New Zealand Plants C. J. Burrows 75
Food-Plants of Monarch Butterfly Larvae K. A. J. Wise 81
Vegetation of Wairarapa in mid-19th Century R. D. Hill 83
New Zealand Land-Slugs — Part 2 D. W. Burton 90
Reviews Arthur W. Parrott 96 R. Truscoe 110
Keys to New Zealand Lichens — Part 3 James Murray 98
The Plant Cell Wall M. C. Probine 115
Shorter Communications 141