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Tuatara: Volume 11, Issue 2, June 1963

Starfishes of New Zealand — A Correction

Starfishes of New Zealand — A Correction

(Tuatara, Vol. 7, page 131, 1959)

Persephonaster neozelanicus, as also the three Indonesian species P. euryactis, P. luzonicus and P. anchistus, have broadened inter-radial inferomarginal plates, separated by fascioles. In this regard they differ from Persephonaster croceus (the type species), and from other known species. The four first-named species may be considered as comprising a distinct genus, for which the name Proserpinaster nom. nov. is proposed, with type P. neozelanicus Mortensen. The key entry 12(11) is to be amended accordingly.

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