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Tuatara: Volume 10, Issue 3, September 1962

A Message from the Society

A Message from the Society

As the thirtieth year of the Biological Society ends, we would like to record our very warm and sincere thanks to all the people who have assisted us over the years. First to the Botany and Zoology Departments of this university, whose staff members take a continued interest in our doings, and generously give of their time and energies. Second to the speakers at our evening meetings, from whose knowledge we benefit. Third to the people who have contributed articles to this journal, and finally to past committee members on whose work the society builds each year.

We readily admit that the achievements of the society do not come entirely from our efforts alone, and so to all the people who have lent their support over the thirty years now completed, we extend our appreciation, and express our continued goodwill for the years ahead.

Biological Society,
Victoria University of Wellington.
September, 1962
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